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AZA Elephants

Elephants in AZA accredited zoos offer enormous educational experiences to visitors. In a 2005 national poll, 95% of U.S. adults agreed that seeing elephants in real life fosters a greater appreciation of these majestic animals and encourages people to learn more about them. In this same survey, 86% of respondents agreed that visiting zoos and aquariums encourages people to donate money or time to wildlife conservation.

Below is the number of institutions that care for elephants and the number of elephants managed under human care as of September 2011.

73 AZA-accredited and AZA-certified facilities and 1 non-AZA approved facility care for a total of 308 elephants:

African Elephants

163 African elephants reside in
41 AZA-accredited institutions:

33 bulls
130 cows

Asian Elephants

145 Asian elephants reside in 39 AZA-accredited and AZA-certified facilities and 1 non-AZA approved facility:

29 bulls
116 cows

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Updated: September 7, 2011