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AZA Elephant TAG/SSP Professional Documents

Message to Institutional Representatives

AZA Elephant TAG/SSP Steering Committee

AZA Elephant Standards

USDA Animal Welfare Regulations Relating to Elephant Care

AZA Elephant Program
Annual Report Form

AZA Elephant TAG/SSP Regional Collection Plan

AZA Standardized Elephant Profile

AZA Professional Care and Training Program Template

AZA Elephant Policy

AZA Standardized Elephant Incident Report Form

AZA Elephant Team Meeting Template

Elephant TAG/SSP Conservation/Research Project Review and Endorsement Instructions


African Elephant Studbook

Asian Elephant Studbook

Mother with calf

Institutional Liaisons List

Institutional Self Assessment for Assisted Reproduction

Artificial Insemination Information Packet

Available Elephant Semen Donor Contact Information





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